Reception decor 2017

Frezia Fleur, photo by Tomas Dittrich

We love design, decor and flowers! It makes the atmosphere and we enjoy creative work and the result when you can see happy people.

Enjoy a few photos of the reception flower design we arranged last year.

Photos by Tomas Dittrich, flowers by Frezia Fleur and Inspirito.




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Wedding trends 2018

As usually, at the end of the season we have time to wrote on the blog and focus on new trends. There are traditions that are timeless, but trends can set your day apart from the rest.

Always remember that at the end of the day, this is your wedding and the goal should be a wedding you will love in 50 years. Find a balance between trends that reflect your personality and traditional timeless elements.

In general, couples want their guests to notice the effort they put into the wedding planning. It is about personalising the wedding, about what the guests mean to the couple.

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Wedding trends 2017

Photo by Green Wedding Shoes

As every year, we put together wedding trends for the following season, please enjoy and hopefully you find something nice…


Pale tones will be also popular, but try to add bright colors into your color scheme. Ombre was in for a few seasons, but now a bit over…

Metallic mania started already in 2016, rose gold and copper were much requested and this trend will also continue in 2017. Combine the colour palette with modern touch and create fashionable-classy look.


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Dasha and Nick

Photo by Stepan Vrzala

Dasha and Nick got married recently, at the end of May in beautiful Prague. Nick has Czech roots, his dad was born in the Czech Republic, his mum is from Austria, Dasha´s parents are both from Russia.

The whole planning was really nice with this couple – always happy, positive, smiling, we felt how excited they are about their BIG day.

They knew they would love to get married in catholic church and they falled in love with St. Peter and Paul´s cathedral at Vysehrad.

Couple and some of the guests stayed at lovely Pachtuv palac, also all the guests met there before departure to the church.

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Chair selection

You have chosen your cderemony and reception venue and now can go deeper into the details. Chairs – what are the options? How to decorate it? It should match the overal wedding theme and ayour colour scheme. Be creative and unique when selectiong your chairs and decor on it.

Sophisticated minimalism or shabby-chic elegance? Here are some ideas for you.

Traditional banquet chairs with covers

– use a sash in the same colour as the chair cover or the colour of your wedding, sash add a feel of elegance and can be tied in many ways

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