Reception decor 2017

Frezia Fleur, photo by Tomas Dittrich

We love design, decor and flowers! It makes the atmosphere and we enjoy creative work and the result when you can see happy people.

Enjoy a few photos of the reception flower design we arranged last year.

Photos by Tomas Dittrich, flowers by Frezia Fleur and Inspirito.




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Bunny and Peter

One of the most amazing weddings this year was wedding of Bunny and Peter. Bunny is beautiful ballet teacher from Hong Kong and her colours were pink and gold. She wanted to have her dream wedding within this colours, romantic, sweet, but also classy.

We decided for church blessing at St. Nicholas church, followed by river cruise for the guests (while newlyweds took photos) and wedding reception at Grand hotel Bohemia – Boccaccio hall. The hall was just perfect – with lots of gold and drama.

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Anna and Arnaud

Anna and Arnaud live in France, but they met in Prague while studying. Anna is from Polland, Arnaud is French.

They wanted traditional catholic ceremony at St. Thomas church, just to find french-polish speaking priest was not too easy, but we got it.

Guesst arrived from France and Polland and most of them stayed at the same hotel. Church was within walking distance, so we all met there. Ceremony was romantic, everyone cried…

Couple decided to enjoy their wedding at Letensky chateau. Weather was amazing, so the cocktail was held outside. Lovely string quartet performed and guests enjoyed drinks and canapees.

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Table setting ideas

Good morning,

we all know that beautiful wedding is created by details and one of it is the table setting. Of course flowers and candles are very important, but let´s have a look how can we arrange plates, napkins, menu and name tags.

Menu and name tags should match the overal stationery and depends just on us how we place them.

I personally really like fresh flowers and ribbons. Napkins can be folded in many different shapes, very elegant look is created when it is hanging down the table a bit.

Big trend for the next year is transparency and acrylic and it looks really cool – either as name tags, menus or seating plan.

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Wedding trends 2018

As usually, at the end of the season we have time to wrote on the blog and focus on new trends. There are traditions that are timeless, but trends can set your day apart from the rest.

Always remember that at the end of the day, this is your wedding and the goal should be a wedding you will love in 50 years. Find a balance between trends that reflect your personality and traditional timeless elements.

In general, couples want their guests to notice the effort they put into the wedding planning. It is about personalising the wedding, about what the guests mean to the couple.

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