Farnosh and Arild

Photo by Stepan Vrzala

Farnosh and Arild is couple we enjoyed from the first moment. Couple who loves each other so much, couple that creates amazing family together with their 3 children. The youngest, sweet Estelle Leona was born short after we started to plan everything.

They live in Norway, but are originally from other countries, so the wedding was beatiful mix of Norwegian, Sri Lanca and Iranian guests.

Arild arrived first with his best friend to choose the location. He was deciding between Villa Richter and Carlo IV Boscolo hotel, lovely places wth completelly different design and concept. He falled in love with the luxury of the Boscolo, but also with the view and style of Villa Richter. Nothing was then easier then to use Villa Richter for pre-wedding dinner and Boscolo hotel for wedding day. Second pre-wedding visit was already with Farnosh and their youngest daughter to go more to the details – taste the food, pick flowers, talk to the officiator etc.

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Sayaka and Keven

Photo by Stepan Vrzala

Wedding of Sayaka and Keven can be expressed by one word – amazing. This lovely couple contacted us about 2 months before their wedding and asked for symbolic ceremony at St. Nicholas church. This church is one of the most beautiful and also most popular in Prague. Priests are really nice and have very good english, ceremony is full of love and nice words and organ players belongs to the best in the country.

Also reception venue was quite easy – couple falled in love with Villa Richter. Since the wedding party was pretty small (12 people), we booked the glass room and terrace with amazing view.

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Tereza and Jakub

Photo by Petr Pelucha

Tereza is director of one of the small romantic hotels at Lesser Town and Jakub is surgeon. They both live in Prague, but their wedding was in Moravia, where they both like it and where also engagement took place.

They were pretty sure about the locations – beautiful chapel of the Valtice chateau, followed by lunch at hunting castle Rendez Vous and evening party again at the chateau Valtice. Originally they were thinking about Spanish stalls, but due to the reconstruction around were at the end chosen rooms on the 2nd floor of the chateau.

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Wedding flowers trends 2015

Photo by Stepan Vrzala

Flowers makes the atmosphere and from even simple space can create something magic. I believe that 2015´s flowers will be very romantic and feminine. Let´ see some trends:

Romantic luxe

Inspired by A-list celebrity weddings such as Kim and Kanye, trend is “full-on luxe” romance, in high flower content. We will see romantic blooms like hydrangea, hyacinths and orchids in creamy pastels.

Wild garden

Brides will choose softly-coloured blooms reflecting tones of the English garden. The ‘just-picked-from-the-garden’ look has already been popular and this gorgeous trend doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere for the next year! Amazing is look of sweet peas, tulips and garden roses.

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Wedding cake trends 2015

Photo by Stepan Vrzala

Wedding Cake Trends 2015

2015 is a year to create and design cake of your dreams. There are classic trends coming back, these are always tasteful and never out of style. If you have your mind set on a white cake with white details, do feel free to add some green foliage or flowers in a bolder colour to break it up a bit.

This year will also present many new flavour, unique ideas and non-traditional arrangements. There are also influences from other cultures, like France.

Gold „Glitter“ / Sequince Cakes – Gold, Rose Gold, & Silver

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