3-days wedding

Photo: David Potter

Uta-Maria and Clemens tied their knot last week in August last year and it was trully international wedding with guests form all over the world, more then 20 children and 3 days of celebrations.

We had 8 months for preparation, squeezed into a few meetings and emails. Althought bride used to live in Prague and her husband visited her often, meetings were very iregular, the schedule was just tight. Top manager position is connected with lot of work, travelling and after unexpected promotion and moving to another country just a few weeks before the wedding the time was really short. However, we tried to be as much efficient as possible and adjusted our schedule to couple´s needs (main communication was usually on Sun midnight :-)).

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Add fun to your wedding

Many couples wants to bring something special to their wedding, not to have just ceremony, dinner and dancing. They want to surprise their guests, add something that will stay in their memories forever.

Here is an overview of entertainment our couples are mainly interested in:

MOLECULAR MIXOLOGY – modern style of cocktail preparation, by using different gels, powders, foams etc to serve the food and drinks in different ways. You and your guests will se the preparation and taste f.e. Mojito on a spoon, jelly desserts and many others.

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