Olga and Brendan

Photo: Lukas Konarik

One of the lovely wedings we organised this year was  for beautiful Olga and Brendan, cople who lives in Holland, but comes from another parts of the world – Ukraine and Australia. Also their guests arrived from all over the world.

Olga and Brendan were in Prague 2 time before they got married – firstly to choose the location and then to do the tasting, meet up with the florist, band, photographer and cameraman. They decided for romantic mill house – Mlyn Karlstejn, in a lovely village Karlstejn, where is beautiful castle.

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Mandy and Justin

Mandy and Justin got married in August this year. Really great couple from Ireland came to Prague with many mostly irish guests who made so much fun on the wedding day.

Couple got married at St. Nicholas church and cocktail and dinner took place at Villa Richter.

Believe pictures will explain it all :-). But one thing to mention – there were couple DIY things and the most beatiful was bridal bouquet – Mandy created it from the love letters her hubby wrote and added crystals and broches.

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Children at the wedding

Suppose baby boom is not only in the Czech Republic and children are very often part of the wedding celebration. And to entertain them is the best what you can do – children will be excited and parents can enjoy the wedding too!

There were 21 children at one of the weddings we organised and it was very important to make them happy too. What can we do for you? Get inspired bellow:

– For the youngest we can prepare corner with toys, like interactive zebra, jumping ponny, minislide into the pool with balls etc.

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