A day of wedding planner

When I started to write this blog, decided to be personal and write from all my heart. I also planned to write a story about my work, how does the typical wedding day look like, but there was never time. Now, when the season is over and most of the mising things are finally done, I can write about my today´s day.

It is totally, but really totally different from the hectic days in the season, but life is not only about work, right? People should learn how to relax and enjoy their life. It has all been so hectic nowadays and we often forget to enjoy every day´s joy.

So, let´s start from the beginning – I went to bad really early yesterday, so woke up really early too – at 4.00 a.m. :-( .  Sometimes clients asked me if I ever sleep, that they got emails late at night and again early in the morning..Yes, it is true, since being mum with 2 children, my sleeping need is just a few hours (6  in average). A few emails were waiting for me, so I manage them and then took hot bath. Later on went to the shop to buy fresh pastry and just when I got home, children woke up.

Matyas had big day today at nursery – photographer came to took their pics! It was no problem to dress him into lovely new shirt, more difficult was bow tie for pics. But, together with my husband we got it! Much easier with Amelie, she is already 5 (Maty was just 3), so she chose her clothes and after 8 all left house.

Past 5 years I had very limited time for physical training, but this year I decided to change it and now I attend pilates reformers classes – and totally falled in love!!! I fell like a new person, my body has changed and also for psychical health is has been like a miracle.

After 11.00 a.m. I came back to my computer, there was another set of emails waiting for me. We got quite a few enquiries for wedings next year, so prepared proposals for couples and put on the website promo for next 2 months. I am not a big fan of Facebook, but try to put every week some info there. And the main theme of today is St. Nicholas, who comes in the evening together with angel and devil to bring children sweets (or coal :-) .

St. Nicholas

I can´t wait to go to Zofin in the evening with my family, there will be big St. Nicholas evening with lots of fun and big show, I am sure our children will love it. Zofin belongs to my favourite place, not only for weddings.

After light lunch (can not eat much if I know we will have so many delicacies at Zofin) booked hotel in Vienna, where we are going next week. Partly for leisure, partly for business. Also thought about the design for one summer wedding next year, I think it will be fab, bride has amazing taste.

Relax – set of solitaire cards and cup of hot tea with home made cookies (our children are great bakers). Just got invitation for The dedication of the Vaclav Havel plaque on the walk of freedom at the Woodrow Wilson Monument! I was unbelievable happy when I got a chance to organise gala dinner to the Dedication of Woodrow Wilson Monument last year. With the attendance of our president, Her Secreaty M. Allbright, many ministers and ambassadors it was the higlight of last season. Can´t wait to see them all again plus – there is definitelly big need for new dress :-) .

Another emails waiting and then is already time to pick up children from schools. They have been excited about the whole day at school, as St. Nicholas was there already!

And now the end – the day is not over yet, but Zofin party is waiting for us and I believe I won´t have energy to continue with writing at night. We wanna see Christmas market, this years is really like a fairytale.

Old Town Square

So this is the low season day – lots of fun and work. Happy people always makes good work and I hope our clients do appreciate what we are doing for them – because we love what we are doing.

I hope you will enjoy this article, it is again from my heart.

Sincerely Yours,


PS: This is my family,so you know who is writing here today :-) . I am sorry, do not have actual winter photo….