Flower design

We like weddings and all conencted preparations. Brides usually have certain visions, how their dream day should look like and we help them to realize it. Especially we like to create the design, the theme and with this are of course connected flowers.

Some brides have clear ideas  how the flowers should look like and just send us pictures, another know just the favourite colour or flower and some brides are opened to any ideas. It of course very much depend on the venue, certain venues just need certain decor, but there are also many venues where you can play with, like Mandarin Oriental. This light space invites to create beautiful wedding decorations. We have already arranged there pure white decor, mix of pale shades, orange and this time the instruction was purple and white, certain shades of purple and mix of flowers.

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Petra and Julien

Photo: Stepan Vrzala

We did really enjoy wedding of Petra and Julien, it was one of the most beautiful weddings we have ever organised. Petra is pretty model, living in Congo, Africa, with her husband Julien, who is French.  We all did really enjoy this wedding, it was very pretty, all the guests were nice and had fun until the morning, as we did as well.

Petra got in touch with us in April this year, when she came to visit her family in Brno. She came for one day to Prague to look around the city and because they both love Mandarin Oriental hotel, we met directly there. Question was ceremoy venue – Petra wouldn´t mind some nice garden, but preference was ceremony in a catholic church. They asked for a church nerby the hotel, where the ceremony can be served both in Czech and French. Then it was easy –  St. Thomas church at Mala Strana. We really like this church, it is beautiful inside and the monks who are living there are superb.  Before Petra went back to Brno, we booked the church for the ceremony, French speaking priest and of course Mandarin Oriental. We like when things are going fast and smooth, which was this case. Big day was settled – September 1st.

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