A day of wedding planner

When I started to write this blog, decided to be personal and write from all my heart. I also planned to write a story about my work, how does the typical wedding day look like, but there was never time. Now, when the season is over and most of the mising things are finally done, I can write about my today´s day.

It is totally, but really totally different from the hectic days in the season, but life is not only about work, right? People should learn how to relax and enjoy their life. It has all been so hectic nowadays and we often forget to enjoy every day´s joy.

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Jeanie and Kuen

Photo: Lukas Konarik

I just realized it is pretty hard for me to remember all wedding we have already organised, but many of them will always stay in our mind. This is also the case of Jeanie and Kuen, lovely couple from Hong Kong.

Jeanie did contact us in May with a wish to get married in August. She is a musician – playes cello – and she knew she will have a few concerts in Vienna in August. Prague is really close, so why not to come to Prague for a few day, get married here and come back to Vienna? The plan was confirmed.

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Monica and Jesse

Photo: Stepan Vrzala

Monica and Jesse did contact us year ago and from the first moment we liked them. Monica has italian origins and she is really pretty woman. And Jesse is great. They have already lovely boy, lots of friends, so we could expect perfect party, especially most of the guests were coming from USA and Italy.

Thery had couple vernues in their mind and wished to have locatio where they could hold both ceremony and reception.  In a few days we arranged skype call and agreed on Sacre Couer – lovely place that used to be chapel nd nowadays is used for ceremonies, receptions, parties,  for all kind of occasions. All was prepared, so we just send the contract and planing could start.

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